Citizen of the Year


The 2021 recipient of the Citizen of the Year award in memory of Judy Christianson is member Ann Seymour (Lena Kishaba is standing to her right)


Ann has demonstrated consistent efforts to improve the lives of women and girls. This work was done out of a strong belief in the power of women to make the world a better place. Her work began as a young mother who found value in her community by working through the League of Women Voters. League gave her experience and a foundation for civic leadership that she brought with her to Red Wing.  She initiated herself into the fabric of the community by attending city meetings, becoming familiar with local elected officials and taking others under her wing to show them the ropes.  


She remains a long-time member of League of Women Voters and AAUW.  These days she is often working behind the scenes but can be counted on for wisdom, history, encouragement and good ideas.  Her recent committee work for AAUW has included Change Makers, Brave New Girls, Quilters and the Anita Hill film project to name a few.  She has been instrumental in the public policy work of both AAUW and LWV.  

Congratulations Anne




Two video links below will give you the opportunity to view the SPOKEN WORD recognition given to some of the women behind Suffrage who worked diligently to secure our right to vote.

Reviving the Dead Ladies, Part 1  

Reviving the Dead Ladies_Part 2 

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Salute to Burke Murphy

Salute to Burke Murphy for all she has done for AAUW.

A BIG thank you and here are some highlights:

  • River City Days Suffrage Parade with banners, hats and sashes – thanks Mary Ellen

  • Fall Kick off with Jane Leonard, OneMN Blueprint at the Historical Society

Photo of Burke.jpg
  • Taking on virtual Board meetings and gatherings for the 1st time

  • Fall video production of Reviving the Dead Ladies with 8th Graders, Julie Martin & Tiyah Stone

  • Holiday Hybrid Brunch boxes complete with bidding on Facebook displays – thanks Jan & brunch team

  • Downtown Mainstreet virtual presentation with Megan Tsui – great discussion

  • Production of Seven, Sheldon Theatre

  • Ongoing communication with state and national – one of the few in the state to carry on during Covid-19

  • June Meeting at the Anderson Center – A Year to Remember – thanks Jan & Candace

  • Member packets, complete with revised bylaws – thanks Jane & team

​             WOW!! What a term!

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