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What We Do

AAUW’s impact keeps growing as we continue our legacy of action, fromour neighborhoods to the national stage: In the classroom. AAUW provides more than $4 million each year in graduate fellowships, grants,campus project support, and undergraduate scholarships. We also conduct groundbreaking research on diverse topics, including women and girls in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics fields; the gender pay gap; sexual harassment; cyber bullying; and many more.

On college campuses. AAUW programs develop leaders, train women to run for student government and elective office, teach salary negotiation skills, enforce Title IX compliance, and provide grants for projects that fight sexual harassment, sexual assault, gender-based discrimination, and pay inequality.

In the courtroom. The AAUW Legal Advocacy Fund gives financial and administrative support to plaintiffs in gender-based education and employment discrimination cases that have the potential to set precedent.LAF also provides an online lawyer-referral service and a legal resource library.


On Capitol Hill

AAUW is a leading voice for public policies that support women and their families. We successfully advocate on critical issues like unfair pay, gender discrimination, Social Security, educational issues, and women’s health care, just to name a few.

AAUW Empowers Us

By joining AAUW, you raise your voice with thousands of others to help women help themselves and discover the strength of working together.


  • Together, we demand paycheck fairness, and we will continue to lobby hard until it is federally mandated and enforced. Together, we fight for justice through sustained financial and moral support of plaintiffs who are combating gender discrimination in the courtroom.

  • Together, we ensure that women have the tools they need to help close the pay gap by training them to negotiate fair salaries and benefits. Together, we educate the next generation of scholars, researchers, scientists, and professionals. Over the past 130 years, AAUW has funded graduate educations for thousands of women.

  • Together, we ensure that more women hold elected positions in government. Our Elect Her programs train girls and women to run for office— and win—in school and beyond.

  • Together, we make sure that women’s voices are heard in every election through our Get Out the Vote program.

  • Together, we guarantee transparency by scoring the votes of our U.S. senators and representatives on key issues for women and their families. The AAUW Action Fund Congressional Voting Record, distributed nationwide, takes away the guesswork in determining who cares about women’s rights.

  • Together, we help campuses reduce sexual assault by working with schools to establish policies that protect students. Together, we level the playing field for high school girls. Our Title IX Compliance: Know the Score program is changing the game to enforce this crucial law across the country.

  • Together, we ensure that talented young women are prepared to lead. Our many leadership training programs give them the skills needed to succeed.

(Taken from the AAUW Membership brochure)

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