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Educational Foundation Honorees

AAUW’s Educational Foundation (EF) is dedicated to the advancement of education, research and self-development for women and girls through fellowships, grants, and research programs. AAUW branches may designate EF donations in honor of members they wish to recognize. The Red Wing branch hashonored the following members with a donation of $500 or more.

1987      Alice Ellis

1989      Jacqueline Schiemann

1990      Patricia Sween

1991      Beverly Glover

1992      Roger Sween

1993      Wendy Behrens

1994      Janet Brandt

1995      Linda Thielbar

1996      Carol Gardner

1997      Lena Kishaba

1998      Raylene Ahlgren

1999      Sally Setzer

2000      Nancy Braschler

2001      Jane Donkers,
            Marg Henke,
             Lynda Kern

             Kris Richards

2002      Pat Welke

             Laurie Andrews

2003     Chris Smith,
            AnnMarie Rose
            Marge Vogel
            LaVonne Lommel

2004     Barb Vogel

            Jennifer Lappegaard

            Erin Yoemans

            Brenda Balzer

            Tracy Olson Moran

2005        Linda Hamilton

               Benjie Achen

               Mary Ellen Halverson

2006        DeAnna Bender
               Barbara Hanson

               Charlene Friedrich
               Sandy Wollschlager

2007        Muriel Henderson
               Ann Seymour
               Barbara Vogel

2008        Eileen Neste

               Christie Bystedt

               Lois Christenson

2009        Alice Ellis

               Linda Thielbar

               Pat Sween

2012         Marilyn Meinke

               Erin Yoemans

               Sandy Wollschlager

2013         Marge Vogel and Jane Donkers —(the branch
               donated money in their names to the AAUW Fund.

2014         Laurie Andrews, Kathy Bell, Kay Humphreys

2015          Kai Rodgers

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