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Book Club 

Book Club is open to all Branch members. Please join the group for discussion on any one book listed or more. These are the selected book reads for the coming year.  Book club meets on the second Thurs. of the month at 7 PM at members' homes.   All AAUW members are welcome to join the group.

January 12, 2023

Born A Crime, by Trevor Noah


March 9, 2023

The Arbornaut, by Meg Lowman


May 12, 2023

The Gift of Years, by Joan Chittister


September 8, 2023

Radiant, b Liz Heinecke

Book club meets the 2nd Thursday of the odd months at 7 PM in members' homes.  Emails are sent a few weeks previous with location, who to RSVP to and details. All Branch members are welcome---to discuss one book or all of them. 

Connecting Threads


"Women have always woven their lives together
using art, textiles, crafts and homespun creations.  Gatherings of the Connecting Threads group offer a great opportunity to share talents and ideas and to learn new skills while enjoying good company.

Friday, May 19

Kinstone Road Trip --Fountain City, WI

Lunch @ Larry's Lookout

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